Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Winding round and round and

Wrapped enamel pendant 1st go

I'm still working my way through Abby Hook's book this pendant wrap was based on her sea urchin design.

My first attempt didn't really gel looking too heavy for the enamel piece which is due to me wanting to adapt the design so I could use my enamels and using the wire I had on hand which is heavier than the one recommended. Neither did it really hold my enamel secure as it was a domed piece rather than a true cabochon.

Wrapped enamel pendant
After sleeping on it I took off the beads and folded four of the prongs round the back then added more tiny copper beads for a much lighter look which also hold my enamel securely (which is nice). I've teamed it up with a wrapped link chain I made from some crackle beads I took a fancy to ages ago and never got round to using. I have to admit it's not perfect so I'll be keeping it for myself (shame :) )

Note to self get a stand that doesn't look like someone tried to hack its head off.

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