Sunday, 28 October 2012

After a dry spell . . . shopping

Agate and autumnal spiral beads
Can you tell I got a coiling thingy? What gave it away? Bought some coloured craft wire to play with at the same time. Oh you guessed that too?

Well sometimes shopping is required to get the creative juices flowing you know

The first bracelet I have made for a friend's birthday so ssshhhh. I rather liked the autumnal mix of colours but I have darkened the copper slightly since this photo.

The second one, well just because the crysocolla beads went so nicely with the blue and greeny blue wire and I needed some more practice on the wrapped links. Yes I've managed all this time without ever quite getting the knack of them (ssshhh on that too) That one I've darkened quite a lot.
Chrysocolla and spiral beads

The design was inspired by Abby Hook's book Wire Jewellery Masterclass though she uses a much fancier clasp arrangement. I was just glad to finally make something that didn't stink.

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