Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tricksy Red

Red Enamel Heart Earrings Sold
I am so so pleased with these earrings and someone who hasn't played with enamel will probably be wondering why.

Well it's because they are red you see and I can hear you saying "well yes I can see that" or words to that effect. But it is their very redness that is wonderful getting red enamel is not the tricky part you can buy it from anybody who sells enamel but keeping it red, for me at least, that's the tricksy part.

It goes into the kiln red but some distraction like cat tomfoolery happens and it comes out just ten seconds too late and a very fetching shade of bronzy brown which is actually overfired red. Attractive enough but not red. These are RED

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Sunrise Robin Hoods Bay December
Winter Shore Necklace Random Wool Series £20

As the profile says I love colour but I don't usually go seeking inspiration deliberately. I make things combining colours as they occur to me then later in will dawn on me (dawn get it?) where that particular combination came from

I'm sure I have told you why these necklaces are part of the "Random Wool" series. OK since you ask I will tell you again. Its because the way the colours blend as I extrude the clay remind me of the wool I always go for when decide to knit. The kind where it changes colour throughout the ball. Trouble is I then obsess as I have to see as soon as possible what kind of pattern comes out and  knit till my shoulder cramps up. Better stick to the clay then

Friday, 24 February 2012

and another set

enamel and fine silver foil on copper strung on jasper  and glass cube beads 

 This is the second of the earring and pendant sets I made. I've used gemstone beads again, this time jasper plus some little glass cubes.

The silver foil is fine (ie pure) siver and it bonds with the enamel during firing.

The photos are a little dark as Dora decided to "help" by batting one of my lamps onto the floor and breaking it. I can't help but think it was in revenge for being shooed out of the light box
enamel and fine silver foil on copper £10

Monday, 20 February 2012

Cuff I'm Chuffed

Brass Anticlastic Cuff with Flowers £35
I was a bit thrilled this weekend to have this cuff selected as a featured photo on the Grains of Glass website.

I joined to learn more about enamelling and for them to see something in my work (OK for a beginner?) had me dancing round the kitchen.

If you love enamel check out the site the gallery is a delight I honestly can not imagine reaching the levels of skill displayed there ever. Well not unless I can turn the clock back thirty (and then some) years and start again

Right thats the Oscar speech over.

Back to earth with a bang tonight as usual Monday evening after the beginning of a week at the day job and I'm good for nothing. Ah well.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Two in a row

Tuquoise green and chestnut brown enamel on copper with chrysocolla
Earrings £12 Pendant £35
So here I am again, how about that? Two days in a row.

The enamels here were made with the chrysocolla beads in mind as I've always thought they would go really well with copper. Of course they are in my new favourite shape too.

I don't often make sets/suites of jewellery except for my friend who likes to co-ordinate her look perfectly probably because I'm a bit more thrown together myself.

To be honest they remind me of chocolate limes which is perhaps why the minute I finished them I baked some fairy cakes they look good enough to eat though I say it myself as shouldn't. I wouldn't recomend it though

Saturday, 18 February 2012

So as I was saying

I am going to keep posting pics as I make stuff for the craft fair yeah right.

Enamel on copper with copper coils and wooden beads

The picture taking is frankly taking a back seat to the jewellery making which is why I'm not getting my new stuff on MISI either
So OK it's not the best picture but it's my new shape I am playing with at the moment. I don't actually know what it is called I call them donuts but it would be a pretty drunken baker who sited the hole like that.

Enamel on copper polymer clay
and wood beads £35
So there you go the mystery shape with the coils that I am still obsessing over as they are just so damn versatile (did I say that in the last post?).

And another without a coil in sight oh OK except for the spirally bit in the middle but another rubbish pic

must try harder, must try harder . . . . .