Saturday, 18 February 2012

So as I was saying

I am going to keep posting pics as I make stuff for the craft fair yeah right.

Enamel on copper with copper coils and wooden beads

The picture taking is frankly taking a back seat to the jewellery making which is why I'm not getting my new stuff on MISI either
So OK it's not the best picture but it's my new shape I am playing with at the moment. I don't actually know what it is called I call them donuts but it would be a pretty drunken baker who sited the hole like that.

Enamel on copper polymer clay
and wood beads £35
So there you go the mystery shape with the coils that I am still obsessing over as they are just so damn versatile (did I say that in the last post?).

And another without a coil in sight oh OK except for the spirally bit in the middle but another rubbish pic

must try harder, must try harder . . . . .


  1. Hey! I didn't see the second one before! I like that too! Saw the 'donut' but not the finished piece.

  2. A girl likes to have some mystery Aims