Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Once more for luck

Almost impossible to photograph earrings
I know I said it was the end of the herringbone but I had these funky orange and blue beads and this orange and blue wire. What's a girl to do?

Other than get some stuff in her MISI shop - maybe I'll be in time for the January sales.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Herringbone and the rest

Moonstone and steel pendant
Finally the other half got a piece of jewellery. He doesn't wear it as a rule but had a hankering for something. I think this moonstone pencil, or point as my mate Aims calls them, wrapped in steel on a leather thong is interesting yet manly a bit like himself.  Moonstone is said to offer protection while travelling at night so maybe something else to add to the flashing lights and hi vis jacket when he is coming home from Uni on his bike.

Agate and copper pendant
Of course envy set in and I had to have one too this is agate wrapped in copper. Strong but slightly more feminine I feel (no I didn't day it). This is good for warding off storms and controlling inner anger apparently so it might stop me giving shouty drivers the hi vis finger when I am cycling with my bright yellow gloves on.

Necklace - Orange enamel donut catseye glass beads
 herringbone weave copper wire
Another of my enamel donuts that were waiting for me to come up with the right technique. Yes this is where the herringbone bit starts, perhaps the title should have been The Rest and Herringbone. Its teamed up with zingy orange catseye effect glass beads. Perhaps I should have the whole piece of jewellery in mind when I start enamelling but that is not the Breezy Way.

Necklace - Glass marble and jasper beads
herring bone weave copper wire
And this is where the herringbone ends . . . probably . . .  with these marble glass beads interspaced with jasper. No stories of artistic angst to go with this I saw beads,  I liked them,  I bought them,  I wrapped them that is also the Breezy Way.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Herringbone a bit more

Wire wrapped earrings
Not quite part two but a bit more than part one.

I tried to get a pic of the back of these as they are fascinating the way the wire wraps round the back snuggling the beads into sort of a hammock.

reverse herringbone earrings
Doesn't quite capture what I see but maybe that's because the "snuggle factor" is all in my mind.

Can't decide if I should leave the copper bright or darken them. Ah decisions decisions.

That's it then not worthy of a whole part but I rather wanted to share. All together now . . .aaaah