Saturday, 8 February 2014


Faux ceramic polyner clay necklace
 The faux ceramic beads found their way into a necklace. The design is simple but there is so much squirlyness (as we say in the trade) going on with them that I feel its enough. After all one wouldn't want to be over squirly oh no.

The failed attempts at quilling with polymer bottom right of the texture photo I used to make . . . yes . . you guessed it some texture with some moulding putty. I used a couple of bits of net curtain too but they are waiting in the wings for another day.

I then combined it all to come up with something that in no way looks ceramic but it does look squirly and organic and like it belongs on Dr Who according to the husband so maybe its Sci-Fi-Faux (see what I did there?)

organic squirliness

Saturday, 1 February 2014

All kinds of stuff

Copper Leaf Earrings

Wasabi Free Form Polymer Clay Earrings

Faux Ceramic Beads
Yes that's me over the last couple (three four?) weeks.

So first re-visiting the copper leaves, it was such fun I did it twice. These are fold-formed and the lovely autumnal colour and veining is a by-product of that technique. The colour gradation is due to the centres being folded over and protected from oxygen while they are being heated and they get darker nearer the edges where more oxygen can get to them. I've protected the patina with a smidge (technical term) of Renaissance wax

Faux Ceramic Polymer Clay Earrings

The new extruder called for more than just bangles and retro cane and I'd got a book about quilling from the charity shop . . .  so voila polymer clay quilling. That was fun to do especially since they are ASYMMETRICAL and IRREGULAR which really scares the husband.

Then more stuff with the extruder making tubes (thanks to a pinterest poster who linked to austinpolymerclayguild.blogspot) with my homemade make your tubes hollow contraption. And doing a faux ceramic thing on them (again from pinterest but I did not to my shame re-pin so can't give them credit but just so you know it was not my idea). Having extruded (getting my money's worth out of it oh yeah) some thin strings.

Pause for breath

 Which lead to some more earrings

The end