Monday, 20 February 2012

Cuff I'm Chuffed

Brass Anticlastic Cuff with Flowers £35
I was a bit thrilled this weekend to have this cuff selected as a featured photo on the Grains of Glass website.

I joined to learn more about enamelling and for them to see something in my work (OK for a beginner?) had me dancing round the kitchen.

If you love enamel check out the site the gallery is a delight I honestly can not imagine reaching the levels of skill displayed there ever. Well not unless I can turn the clock back thirty (and then some) years and start again

Right thats the Oscar speech over.

Back to earth with a bang tonight as usual Monday evening after the beginning of a week at the day job and I'm good for nothing. Ah well.


  1. So lovely! And I'm not surprised at all! Your work needs to be seen more! You done good kid.... :0)

  2. Ta Aims and thanks for all the comments :)