Sunday, 22 January 2012

Springing back into action

Spring green necklace £35
It was such fun doing the craft show but such a relief when it was over too that I was in two minds about doing the next one on 1st March. But I decided to go for it so now its full throtle making again.

This is the first new design for the show but it does bring together a lot of ideas I have incorporated into other pieces. I feel like I am building a library of techniques and elements to use in my designs now.

So its copper coils and cages and green polymer clay beads where I tried to mix bright fresh greens with some green catseye effect beads discovered in my stash that echo the lines in the copper and polymer nicely.

I'm going to try keep the blog updated with my makes for the craft show but already I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day


  1. I'll be really surprised if you don't sell this right away.

  2. FYI

    BTW - put prices on everything you are showing!!!!

    I sold a ton of stuff through my blog but people need to see the price darling!

    And get rid of those security words.....grrrrr! :0)