Sunday, 18 November 2012

Golden Brown

Wirework necklace and bracelet brown
Still wrapping and coiling over here.

This is a necklace and bracelet set I am making for someone at work. She really liked the black and white crackle glass beads on the pendant I made for myself but wanted something like the chain but in brown (there's always one isn't there) .

Anyway because I'd ordered smaller beads and because the brown was more of a dark amber and  just didn't have the oomph of the black and clear I've added some coil beads in a chocolate brown wire.

I've only lightly patinated the copper this time so the overall effect is sort of a rusty colour perfect for a redhead.

It's fairly understated to wear with a suit at work but the clear part of the crackle beads just throws off the odd sparkle as they catch the light.

Now to master herringbone for some rather funky blue and orange crackle glass beads I just couldn't resist when I ordered these. Oh and then there's the brown/blue marble effect beads. Shopping it's really dangerous.

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