Sunday, 8 June 2014

Holiday Colours

Peach Sorbet - Fushia and Orange

 Flushed with success from the purple and green I thought it would be fun to try some more colours.
Greece - Blue and Gold

My holiday has got me kind of all laid back and casual so a range of chokers on leather thongs with slip knot fastenings to make them adjustable and uncomplicated.

These are all made using mokune gane and the scraps extruded to make the bead caps and stringy beads or blended with white for the earthy pastel spacers.

 Can you guess the holiday was in Greece?Crete to be precise?
          By the time I got to the Rock Pool choker I had decided to try Skinner blends in my mokune gane and I am really pleased with the faded/underwater effect it creates.  

Rock Pool - Cream and Blue
The same technique with the pink and green looks like a watercolour painting. Well happy that me.
Floral - Pink and Green

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