Thursday, 8 May 2014

Glorious mud

Purple and wasabi polymer clay choker
Purple and green polymer clay beads
"What?" you say "back already?" yes back with more blending of colours.
The choker is purple (mixed from premo navy blue, purple and white) and it is  combined with wasabi (just purest wasabi). The mokune gane beads are skinner blends of my purple with white and the wasabi with white, with a translucent and silver leaf layer (couldn't resist) the little beads are then either purple or wasabi muddied with the other colour. All quite harmonious I feel.

The beads below I made some months ago and as much as I love purple and green I have to admit they are a bit of a poke in the eye. Which explains why they are sitting about unused.

Next up fuschia and orange after my hols maybe.

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