Friday, 3 January 2014

What I did on my holidays

Stroppel cane
Well I mainly got the knack of making bangles that were round as opposed to lumpy.

I also tried a few cane techniques Stroppel cane, Bettina Welker's Retro Pixelated cane and the Swanwalk cane which kind of merges the two. Caning experts may at this point begin to suspect that my canes didn't exactly turn out too well as all these techniques are ways of using up failed or scrap ends of canes and clay.

They might be right then again I might have deliberately made lots of scrap canes to try them out.

Stroppel cane

 I made a few heart brooches too in fact an embarrassment of heart brooches but I thought I would just show my two favourites for now.

I also made a huge pile of muddy scrap clay but at least it is easier to use up than scrap copper which I also have a drawerful of.

So now I have run out of words before I have run out of pictures but at least they are here and no I didn't get the knack of the tablet this post was crafted on the trusty PC.
Swanwalk but used as pixelated


Pixelated with just two colours

Swanwalk and Pixelated

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