Monday, 30 December 2013

Clay all the way

Kind of like jingle bells in so much as it is vaguely connected to Christmas in that that is what I have been doing on my holidays. OK I know it's tenuous but I'm out of practise.
 The heart and the bangle were just pre Christmas and I sold them at a craft fair so now I am busy getting ready for my next one in the Spring.

So now I am busy on new stuff which I would show you but I have not quite mastered the blogging from my tablet enough to upload the pictures mmmm well maybe tomorrow I'll work out how to get them off my flickr page.

Maybe I'll just use the big PC ah well enjoy


  1. Oooooh - aaaaarrrgh - the gal who got that bangle for a song! How lucky! Make another quick quick!! :0)

  2. Made another two if only I could sort out this photo thingy with the tablet I'd post em for you