Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Skills

Doodly Fishes

Ages ago I got CorelDraw but never really got round to learning how to use it but, inspired by the gallery on Grains of Glass, I've decided to try my hand at etching some pieces and enamelling them.

I went on the browse looking at various techniques and decided on press and peel paper as a resist with saltwater etching (which I've done before but with not very permanent permanent marker as a resist) .

So . . . I needed some images to print and because I like to use my own  stuff I thought I'd better learn to make my own images.

I've done a lot of scribbling so far and tried to familiarise myself with the various tools and got a bit captivated by the calligraphy pen. I don't think my little shoal of fishes will work out well for enamelling but I do like their smiley faces.