Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'm melting warts n all

saltwater etch 1
enamel attempt 1
 While I wait for the scrapings from my fridge to melt to give me an approximation of distilled water for this week's round of experiments I thought I'd share last weeks with you.

First of all I need to credit The Steampunk Workshop for the excellent technical info on how to do the etching. So above is the first piece of my bracelet to be after a few hours of etching. I used the press n peel circuit board paper as a resist for the design and on the back some metal laquer that I had lying about. In typical Breezy fashion the etch is not really deep enough for what I had in mind but I was desperate to get on with it. The result being the rather crap bit of enamelling you see here where I wasn't able to build it up to get a nice finish without going over the lines (am I being too technical?). BUT I learnt some useful stuff along the way which is what it's all about (life lessons now get me). The first thing being leave the black stuff on when you've finished it's far easier to see to cut round than copper on copper.

So . . . second verse
I went too far
 A bit of carelessness with the laquer on the back. Combined with a bit of an afternoon nap. And . . .  just a tad on the deep side in places.
Lets hope for third time lucky folks

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