Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Year New Name New Website

Mascot for Bejewelled Swan
So this is why I have been quiet I have been working on a new website to feature my handmade jewellery plus new year new name the fabulously fanciful Bejewelled Swan .

That is the new me you see rather fabulous, though not with the photos so it has taken rather longer than I thought to actually have enough necklaces and bracelets on there to bother clicking on it. The earrings are still lagging behind. Aims over at Big Blue Barn (she's on the side bar and promises me she will soon be writing again) has been checking the spelling and punctuation for me. In between laughing at our total inability to deal with snow cos we are not Canadian so that is all her fault.

All of which means I haven't made much of anything so nothing to blog about except for my new website. Did I tell you I had a new website?

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