Saturday, 3 September 2011

Black on black

Black "jet look" necklace

Boxed up with matching earrings
A friend recently asked me for a plain black necklace complaining she had big chunky black necklaces and cheap shiny looking black necklaces but nothing simple.

Colour is really my thing so I wasn't thrilled at the prospect but when I sat down to work it proved to be an absorbing challenge to create interest from texture and shape yet stick with simple.

The end result a combination of glossy black glass discs and beads along with matt textured polymer clay beads reminds me of Whitby, the jet and the place. I usually make my own catches but this silver one that I found in my stash seemed to suit the mood. A pair of matching strud earrings is the icing on the cake for my friend who likes to co-ordinate her look perfectly.

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